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Monday December 12 - Wednesday December 14, 2005

Meeting Posters

A1 Go Kagiya
Induction of human heme oxygenase-1 gene by x-ray and proton beams
A2 Christian P. Karger Radiation tolerance of the rat spinal cord after single and fractionated doses of photons and carbon ions
A3 Hong Zhang Chromosomal aberrations induced by 12C 6+ heavy ion irradiation in mouse immature oocytes
B1 Chris Allgower Preliminary Report on First Gantry Commissioning at MPRI with a Wobbled Proton Beam.
B2 Michel Closset Verification of the Proton Treatment Planning Sysstem at the Wanjie Proton Therapy Center WPTC
C1 Dan Fry A Comparison of Three Monte Carlo Tools for Proton Radiotherapy: SRIM, PTRAN, and GEANT 4.7.0
C2 Valery Kostjuchenko Dosimetric Properties of GAFChromic EBT film in Proton Beams
C3 Melina Loubser A case study to illustrate distal end beam shaping technique with a single 200 MeV Proton spread-out bragg peak beam
C4 Naruhiro Matsufuji A simple model to descripe spatial fragment distribution from pancil-like heavy-ion beams in a thick medium
C5 Dieter Schardt Experimental fragmentation studies with 12C therapy beams
C6 Oksana Geithner Calculation of correction factors for heavy ion dosimetry
D1 Markus Fitzek Multi-modality imaging of uveal melanomas using combined PET/CT and high-resolution PET und MRI for potentially modified p-therapy regimens
D2 Reiko Imai Carbon ion radiotherapy for patients age under 20 with unresectable high grade bone sarcomas of the trunk
D3 Yevgeniy Luchin Proton three-dimensional radiation therapy of skull-base menigiomas and chordomas: Treatment technique and preliminary results.
D4 Robert Miller Patterns of failure for recurrent rectal cancer - implications for charged particle therapy
D5 Maria Tseitlyna Proton RS of AVM
E1 Ludwig Bogner Comparative inverse MC treatment planning of H&N, lung and prostate cancer with protons versus photons
E2 George Coutrakon Optimizing Importance Factors in Proton Tx Planning
E3 H. Koyama-Ito Incorporating organ motion uncertainties into carbon ion treatment planning
E4 Su-wen Liu Comparison between proton and X-ray in the treatment planning of patient with medulloblastoma
E5 Sima Qamhiyeh The effect of HU uncertainty on calculated Carbon ion range
F1 Thomas Canon IBA Projects Status
F2 Yury Gavrikov Proton therapy facility at Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
F3 Yuji Matsubara Activity for medical instruments at SHI
G1 Steven Avery Analytical Neutron Shielding Calculations
G2 Jürgen Heese Detector developments and measurements for a scanning proton beam facility
G3 Masao Murakami Necessity of laser-accelerated proton beam radiotherapy from the point of view of experiences in a synchrotron accelerator facility
G4 Hugo Schär Mechatronical System in the Treatment Room
G5 Sergey Shvidkij Automated proton beam energy degrader
G6 Yoshihisa Takada Conceptual design of a double-scattering system using a multiple-ring second scatterer for improving efficiency of beam use
G7 Mutsumi Tashiro Quantitative evaluation technique for 3D lung motion using antomical feature tracking
G8 Shunsuke Yonai Experimental study on the beam characteristics using an amplitude modulation wobbler system for heavy-ion radiotherapy